Granö Beckasin Lodge

Address: Blåkullevägen 4, 922 95 Granö  show map
Location: Vindeln (Forest area, Close to river)

GPS coordinates

Coordinates to device
Latitude: 64.2488461882641
Longitude: 19.308557510376
Latitude: 64° 14' 56"
Longitude: 19° 18' 31"


1. Granö Beckasin
0.3 km

Directions to Granö Beckasin Lodge

With car from Umeå centre: Follow the E12 (heading north-west) heading to Mo i Rana for approximately 75 km. Follow the signs heading to Granö beckasin.

With bus: Take the regional bus 31 from Umeå bus station, jump off at the bus stop "Granö Centrum". Follow the same road (in the direction of the bus) for about 400 m, turn left where there are signs heading to Granö Beckasin (total walking distance = 800 m).